U3A (University of the Third Age) is an international, not-for-profit, self-help organisation that provides learning opportunities for retired and semi-retired mature-aged people. Local groups are autonomous.

During the 1990s, Harry Higgs, a rocket scientist who had managed the Woomera Rocket Range, along with his wife Marcia, a language teacher, retired in Ulladulla. Together with a group of friends they began U3A Milton-Ulladulla as an autonomous group. We now have over 300 members.

We welcome new members and are always looking for enthusiastic people to be tutors in subjects they are passionate about.

We have a large range of classes from Music to Mosaics and everything in between! The classes are given by our members as volunteers in line with the U3A principles and are mainly held in the Harry Higgs room in Milton. Some classes are also held in other locations and also sometimes in the Tutors’ home.

The annual membership fee allows members to attend as many of these courses as your time and interests allow. Please note Membership is for a calendar year only and must be renewed at the start of each year. 

U3A Principles

  • To provide affordable learning opportunities for older people, using the skills and abilities of the members themselves.
  • Those who learn shall teach and those who teach shall learn, and there shall be no distinction between the two.
  • There shall be no qualifications for membership, and no awards, degrees or diplomas shall be given.
  • The emphasis shall be on learning for the love of it, and shall include an emphasis on the values of making things and improving skills of all kinds.
  • Learning shall take place in a friendly, supportive, social environment
  • Those joining a U3A shall pay for its upkeep.
  • There shall be no payment to any person (member or non-member) for teaching or providing a service to members except in the case of reimbursement for such expenses as travel, photocopying, etc.
  • The curriculum of a U3A shall be determined by the needs/preferences of its members and according to the resources available to it.
  • To be at all times, non-political and non-sectarian in our approach.

U3A Milton-Ulladulla Campus Inc is affiliated with U3A Network NSW.