The following is the complete listing of the Great Courses series held by us. Most of these are yet to be used. If you would like to conduct a course using one of these, please contact our Course Co-ordinator, Chris Graham

Philosophy and Religion

The Ethics of Aristotle
Masters of Greek Thought
Eastern Intellectual Tradition
Western Intellectual Tradition
Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Western Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy, Religion and Life
Great Ideas of Philosophy
Freewill and Determinism
Nietzsche, the Will to Power
Descartes to Derrida
Great Minds of the East
Why Evil Exists
The Old Testament
The New Testament
How Jesus became God
From Jesus to Constantine
The Apostle Paul
Augustine: Philosopher and Saint
The Fall of the Pagans and Origin of Medieval Christianity
Between Cross and Crescent
Luther, Gospel and Reformation
The Great World Religions
Biblical Wisdom
Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Literature and Language

Shakespeare − word and action
Shakespeare − comedy, history, tragedy
Shakespeare read and understand
Myths, lies and half-truths of Language Usage
Language and Society
Writing and Civilisation
Building Sentences
The History of the English Language
Greek Tragedy
Herodotus: Father of History
The Odyssey of Homer
The Iliad of Homer
Classical Mythology
The Art of Storytelling

Science and Engineering

The Joy of Mathematics
Classical Mathematics
Modern Mathematics
Calculus made clear 
How Music and Maths Relate
Fundamentals of Music
My Favourite Universe
The Inexplicable Universe
Experiencing Hubble
Visual Guide to the Universe
Black Holes Explained
The Higgs Boson
The Night Sky 
Skywatching: Cosmic Wonderland
12 Essential Scientific Concepts
A New History of Life
Understanding Genetics
The Nature of Matter
The Four Laws that move the World
How Forensic Science Works
Forensics: Crime, Fraud, Scandal 
Inventions that changed the World 
Mysteries of the microscopic world
Physics beyond the Edge
Biological Anthropology
Geological Wonders of the World

Human Behaviour and Achievement

Optimizing Brain Fitness
Neuroscience of Everyday Life
Natural Law; Human Nature
Mysteries of Human Behaviour
The Science of Mindfulness
Being Human
The Intelligent Brain
Essentials of Tai Qi and Qi Gong
Practicing Mindfulness
Utopia and terror in the 20th C
Masterpieces − Metro Museum
Masterpieces − The Louvre
Masterpieces − The National Gallery
The World’s Greatest Paintings
Look at and Understand Great Art
History of European Art
History of Christian Theology
Controversies Early Christian History
5000 years of Chinese History
The History of the Bible
The Other 1492 − Ferdinand and Isabella
The Persian Empire
Lost Worlds of Sth America
Introduction to Genealogy
Italy − Essential Guide
Great Voyages of Exploration
A History of London
The Medieval Cathedral
Concepts of Construction