Are You Interested in an iPad/iPhone Course?

Hello fellow U3A members! We’re considering offering a course to help members get more familiar with using their iPads and iPhones. However, before planning the details, we need to better understand what you’re looking to get out of such a course.Would you be interested in a broad overview of how to use the key features and apps on your iPad or iPhone? Or would you prefer more targeted sessions for troubleshooting specific issues you’ve encountered?Some potential topics for an overview course could include:

  • Navigating the home screen and settings
  • Using core apps like Mail, Safari, Photos, etc.
  • Installing/updating apps from the App Store
  • Accessibility features to customize your device

Or we could take more of a “fix-it” approach by having open sessions where you can bring your device issues and get one-on-one assistance.

We Need Your Input

To make this course as valuable as possible, we need your feedback. What would your ideal iPad/iPhone training look like? What are your biggest pain points or gaps in knowledge when using these devices?We’re also looking for experienced iPad/iPhone users who may be interested in helping lead or co-facilitate the course. If you have a strong grasp of using these devices, please let us know if you’d be willing to assist.Please reply to this post or speak to one of the committee members to share your thoughts. The more input we receive, the better we can tailor this potential course to our members’ needs.We look forward to hearing from you! To answer the questions and register your interest please contact the Secretary via our email address that is on the “Contact page” of this site.