Committee of Management Workshop 5 June 2024

Your Committee of Management held a workshop on 5 June to work through administrative and operational issues. The Committee meets each month, one month is a formal meeting with the off month being a workshop to develop and prepare for upcoming actions.

The Committee will now work in two groups, an operational group and a strategic group. This split will allow us to address immediate issues and the future of the Association, front and centre will be the provision of our courses and supporting our wonderful tutors.

See the graphic attached.

We are working closely with Life Member Chris Graham on the term 3 time table, there are some exciting new courses in development, but we are also ensuring that our long-term courses continue undisturbed.

We agreed to contact Councillors direct about a risk of water running across the pavement near the eastern end of the Harry Higgs room. Please be careful as the downpipe is corroded, and it is a slip hazard on Council property.

We will increase communication with a monthly Newsletter as well as the regular start of team communication.  

We are also looking at a possibility of offering some courses in Bawley Point, at this time we are in a “fact finding mode” to see what can be done.

We are also looking at our Membership Database system to see if it remains as it is, or if we look to improve visibility and access to course registration and payment via an alternative system.

The Committee next meets on 3 July in its now regular two monthly format. We are working hard to continue our excellent level of service to members as we address our operations and our future, we owe so much to those that have gone before us in providing our service to members.