Report back Committee of Management meeting – 15 May 2024

The Committee of Management of the U3A Milton Ulladulla Campus Inc met 15 May 2024. 

The Committee will meet each month, as opposed to each quarter that has been a long-standing procedure. This change is to ensure we are meeting the changing environment to ensure we remain a vital and active service to our members and potential members. 

Today’s meeting was a formal regular meeting, and the next meeting will be a workshop format. Our meeting pattern will continue to follow this format – formal regular meeting one month, with workshop the following month.

Strategic Issues

  • It was unanimously agreed that the Treasurer should proceed with registering the Association as a charity to gain advantages such as increased access to grants and access to free software.
  • The committee discussed ideas for new courses to be combined and discussed further at the June workshop.
  • Arrangements were made for printing and mailing materials to non-email members. This will mean that members who are not on email will receive communication via the post or delivered to their home. This is about 14 members.
  • Three papers on “Securing the Future” were presented to form the basis of the upcoming June workshop.

Procedural issues

  • The minutes of the previous meetings were confirmed and accepted as records of the association.
  • Correspondence, reports from the President, Treasurer, Course Coordinator, Membership Officer, and Publicity Officer were all presented and accepted.
  • The Treasurer reported a decrease in funds over the past 3 years, down to $28k currently with $10k in term deposit. This is in line with previous decisions to return benefits to members rather than hold large reserves.
  • The Course Coordinator discussed efforts to locate a new filing cabinet, which will be followed up. This is to store the “Great Course” material and other records.
  • Membership has increased from 259 to 282. The group agreed to discuss how new members are finding out about the U3A at an upcoming workshop.
  • The committee unanimously agreed on role allocations for managing tutors/courses, strategic issues, public relations, website/social media, and general document editing/grants.